Saturday, February 2, 2019

Norwex Cloth

This Christmas I was super excited to find not one, but two Norwex face clothes in my stocking, and I could hardly wait to try them out.
 Now, I have to admit I was pretty skeptical when I first heard of them.
I mean, washing your face with only a cloth? No soap? Nothing? How is that sanitary?
 But, seriously, I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to my old cleansing routine after this.
I LOVE these things! <3
At first, my skin didn't feel all that different, but after using the cloths every morning and every night, for about a week, I noticed a change in my complexion.
 My skin was less splotched, smoother, and had a healthy glow to it.
And it feels better than it has ever felt before. Honestly, I can't even tell you how wonderful it feels to use these cloths.

My parents gave me two cloths, one body cloth and one makeup remover cloth.
 In the morning, I take the body cloth, wet it with hot water, wring it out slightly (this is recommended because I have dry skin) and wipe my face.
 I can get a little aggressive sometimes, when I'm deep in thought and forget what I'm doing, and my skin will get a little red from all the scrubbing, but it isn't too bad.
 The cloth exfoliates your skin while washing, so you don't have to scrub too hard, but don't be scared of rubbing. I like to rub in circles on my cheeks and around my jawline, because that's where I tend to have dry, dead skin.
 I also like to exfoliate my lips just slightly with the cloth, because they can be dry, too.
Once my face is clean, I rinsed the rag one more time, wring it out, and hang it up to dry for later use.
Then I spritz my face with toner, rub in some moisturizer and primer, and go on to my makeup routine. Easy pie.

 In the evenings, before I use the makeup removed cloth, I like to rinse my face with some warm water and wash all my mascara away (I use natural mascara that comes off easily), only because I don't like to get the black all over my cloth.
 Those of you who feel like the whole point of the cloth is to skip splashing in water like a dog, you don't have to do this. The cloth removes mascara easily.
 After that, I wet my makeup remover cloth, and wipe all the makeup away. Rinse the cloth, then hang it up to dry until tomorrow.
 Just to make sure my skin is thoroughly clean, I follow with the same cloth I used that morning.
Again, I spritz my face with some toner, massage in some jojaba oil, and crawl in bed, with glowing, clean skin.

 To clean my makeup remover cloth, I boil it in water for ten minutes, once a week.

 And I am new to this whole Norwex facial thing, so I may be doing this all wrong, but it has worked for me so far!
 I am greatly impressed with these handy little cloths, and definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to give them a try.

Remember, you're the daughter of a King. You're a princess, you're beautiful and you're loved. 

Friday, December 7, 2018

Strengthen the Dwelling of the Lord// Tips for a Healthier Body

It's that time of year, when the cold and flu comes around.
 How many of you just can't afford to be sick right now? I know I am much too busy to deal with sniffles, coughs, fevers, and aches.
 Of course, we can use the usual precautions; vitamins, supplements, ect.
What about being healthy, in general, during any season?
I personally have some health issues that I can't really do too much about. I have had seasonal allergies since I was a baby, and although I have learned that some vitamins and supplements can help keep it bearable, nothing makes it go away.
 So I know that there are issues a person can't do anything about. Some things just hold us back from being 'healthy' by people's standards.
 But there are some things we can do, to keep our body functioning the way God intended it to, and help us to feel good and look good.
 Besides the VERY obvious things like healthy hygiene, avoiding terrible things like drugs and alcohol, and keeping yourself from other wicked habits, there are small things you can do to keep yourself healthier for much longer.
 Here are some tips: 

Get outside. 
How many times do you take a walk outdoors? Sit on the front porch or back patio with your coffee or tea, letting the sun kiss your skin or the cold air nip at your cheeks?
 No matter the weather, a person should try to get outdoors every once in a while.
Vitamin D is something your body really needs, and nothing can give it to you like the warming rays of the sun.
 Raining? No problem. You have a jacket with a hood, haven't you? No? Get one.
I'm not saying to truck outside in the pouring rain and lightening, every single day.
 But when you're feeling down, droopy, lazy... Fresh air is so good for you. Not only for your physical welfare, but your mental.
There's nothing more refreshing than a cold breeze. It uplifts your body and soul.

Now I want you to think. How many glasses of water do you consume in a day? One? Two?
 I can't even begin to tell you all the benefits of filling your body with good, clean water.
It hydrates your skin, which chases away acne, hydrates your body.
 If you're big into following model or celebrity lives, you'll find that they love their water.
I've watched 'morning routine' videos of models and they drink enough water to float a battleship.
 The first thing they do when they wake is drink a glass of water. Then they brush their teeth. Then they go downstairs. Drink some more water. Make breakfast. Drink some more water. Eat breakfast. Drink some more water. 
 Girls, I'm not exaggerating. It's pretty crazy.
I'm not saying you have to be so extreme, but the point is, drinking plenty of water is very good for you body, and guess what? It'll help keep those munchies under control.

Speaking of munchies...
 Now here's something most people don't like to hear, but it must be said.
Less 'snacky foods'
 I know you love your doughnuts, and your cakes, and your fancy coffees from the coffee shop, and I'm not saying to do away with them entirely.
 But keep it in moderation.
How many times a week do you gobble down just one cookie? Everyday? That's still seven cookies, even if you've spaced them out. Not bad, but you could do better.
 One coffee a day? That's seven coffees a week.
I'm not gonna lie. I love chocolate, (I NEED chocolate) and I love pretzels, and pies....but I have learned that if I don't keep those cravings under control, I just feel nasty.
 If I've been eating more 'Cheese Nips' than normal, I feel bloated, off-balance, and even my skin reacts as acne begins running up my jawline. It's not a pretty picture.
 There are plenty of diets out there that promise you'll feel better, and some help temporarily, but to truly look and feel better, it's a complete lifestyle change.
 My dad was diagnosed diabetic, and struggled to keep his sugars under control. It wasn't until he and my mom began to follow the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) diet that he began to improve drastically.
 It's a very good diet, and I feel like it makes sense, but I personally have not felt the need to change the way I eat that much. Yet.
 I guess what I'm saying is, you don't necessarily have to follow a certain diet. 
  I try to give myself one day a week where I let myself eat whatever I want. A lot of people will tell you that isn't very good, but it has helped me to lose weight and feel better.
 And a lot of times, on my cheat day, I don't even want to eat any junk, because I know what it will do to me.
 So all in all, if you cut way back on your sugar and junk (chips, pretzels, COFFEE) you'll see results, even without a fancy diet.

 I know, I know, you hate working out. Or you don't have time.
But do you realize how much better you would feel if your body got a little healthy exercise at least once a week?
 There's more to working out than losing weight. It exercises your lungs and your heart, which will better your health in general, and more fit your body is, the less tired it is when you have to do something a little more strenuous than usual.
 So here are my tips for getting more exercise in your day.
Are you a chatty person who likes to call her friends? When you make or get a phone call, throw on your jacket and take a walk outside, even if it's back and forth from your porch to your driveway. You'll be surprised how much walking you've done in just thirty minutes (or however long the call is).
Couch potato? You really should break that habit, but did you know there are exercises that you can do on the couch? Youtube them. I dare you.
 The next time you're binge-watching Doctor Who or whatever kids watch nowadays, do some jumping jacks. Sit-ups.
You'll be distracted by the movie and almost forget you're working out.
And then of course, there's the usual hiking, walking down the road, push ups, crunches.
 My brother has a punching bag that I will wander out to hit for a while, but I think it just works away my stress more than anything. But hey, that's good, too. 
 Push yourself a little more with each workout, and you'll feel so much better when it's all over.

Get Off Your Phone
 We are all guilty of this terrible habit.
You sit down on the couch with a smoothie, and naturally you grab your phone to take a pic. The next thing you know you're scrolling through Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Whatever social media apps there are out there. (I don't keep track, nor do I really care)
 You spend at least thirty minutes a day on Youtube. You snap your friends because your bored. You watch some random documentary on fish that somebody shared on FB. You go to a family gathering and play games on your phone, instead socializing with the people you love the most.
 Hours of screen time. And that is very unhealthy, for both your body and your mind.
The damaging rays are harsh on your skin, and your brain. You feel like a walking zombie afterwards, and are cranky and out of sorts.
 Who do you tell good morning first? Your family or your phone?
What's the last thing you see before turning out the light? Your phone screen?
All I can say about this is STOP and think the next time you reach for that phone, Ipad, laptop... do I really need to be on here? Can it wait?

Again, as I say every time. I am not condemning anyone with this post. I am simply giving tips for a healthier lifestyle and hope you realize, I fail in these areas as much as the other person.

Have lovely day, friend!

Remember, you're the daughter of a King. You're a princess, you're beautiful and you're loved. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

My Favorite Hairstylists// Youtubers

Hello, Gorgeous!
 I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, filled with good food, fellowship, and family time. (I know I did! <3)

In my last post, I asked which subject I should do next, and you chose my favorite Youtubers, so here we go:

Kayley Melissa
 I really enjoy this woman's channel, because of her happy attitude and how she has a lot of easy videos for unskilled girls such as myself.
Strange as it may sound, I also enjoy watching her videos because she isn't a stick-thin supermodel with perfect skin that leaves me feeling insecure and fat.
 She's just an average woman with a sweet aura, who has a clear way of telling you how to do a style. Also, for you short-haired girls, she has videos for you, too!

Missy Sue
Now her's, although I do like watching, is mainly for people with thick hair, something I no longer have, so I don't watch her channel as often.
She does do beautiful, simple styles, though! I just wish I could get my hair to do what she does. lol

Lilith Moon
 I have been watching this woman's videos for years, back when her audio wasn't superb and her hair was short and coarse.. since maybe 2013? (She used castor oil to regrow her hair back, healthier and softer. It's actually much longer now. The video below is from 2016)
 I recall many a day when my sisters and I would gather around the laptop for hours, trying to find the perfect style for the upcoming wedding.
 Her soft Russian accent never fails to give me a wave of nostalgia, and makes me remember back to the times when things were so much simpler. <3

I actually did this style on Thanksgiving Day (no extensions, of course.) Super easy!

I have watched other youtubers, of course, but not enough to recommend another channel, so that's it for now! 
 Let me know your thoughts, girls! <3 I'll see you again, soon. 

Remember, you're the daughter of a King. You're a princess, you're beautiful and you're loved. 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Skin Care

All right, let's talk about something very few girls actually think about:
 Facial Skincare.

Now, I'm not going to talk about BB cream, serums, lotions.... all those fads going around these days. I'm here to discuss good old-fashioned skincare that requires an average of three steps.

One: Cleaning
Please, please, please, don't ever go to bed with a makeup on, girls. I can't even begin to tell you the importance of this step if you want healthy skin.
 Now what happens when you fall asleep?
Your body starts to go to work, right? Fighting against germs, doing its natural thing God intended it to do while we sleep. What also happens to you skin?
 It starts to 'breath', shall we say, and your pores are going to open.
If you have dirt, makeup, sweat, or other grime on your skin, that's going to get trapped inside those pores, and will eventually create a pimple. Hello acne.
 Washing your face (with a cleanser!) before bed every night, and each morning, will lessen your acne flareups and actually help keep away wrinkles as you get older.
 And don't ever put makeup on a dirty face. Ugh, no, no, no. That will also cause breakouts, as well as dirty your makeup, which causes even more acne, which causes.... you get the idea. It's a never-ending cycle.
 I usually wash my face with Black African bar soap every night before bed, whether I have makeup on or not, a Shea butter bar for the day, and that has really helped keep my skin clear and soft.
 Whatever cleanser works for you is fine. My mom uses those Norwex facial cloths infused with silver, and it has helped keep her skin nice and fresh, so again, whatever works for you.
 The main thing is keep your skin clean.

Two: Toning
 Now a lot of people skip this step, but I have found through the years that this step has cleared up my face considerably.
 After cleansing, go in with a toner.
Burt's Bees Rosewater was my favorite for years, and still is. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to afford anymore at the moment, so I'm using a homemade toner that doesn't work as well.
 The reason for a toner is to close your pores after cleansing, and to balance the skin, as well as keep it glowing and healthy.
I usually use a cotton ball or pad, dump a small amount of rosewater on it, and rub into the skin.
 Sometimes, if my skin is really feeling the effects of life, I'll use a mud mask before the toner, just for a little 'pick-me-up'. Sometimes I'll do it both Friday and Saturday night, so my skin is looking good for the weekend.
 This stuff I picked up from my local Walmart over a year ago, and it's still about 1/4 full. So defently worth the buy!

This will help calm my skin, and the tea tree oil has such a soothing effect. All I do is apply it in a thin layer onto my face, let it sit for about ten minutes, then wipe it off before spritzing my face with toner and continuing my usual routine. 

Three: Moisturizing 
Although toner is very good for your skin, it also can dry it out. In the winter especially, the wind and other elements can also be very harsh on your skin.
 So after the toner, finish with a nice moisturizer.
I've used many different kinds, even just regular body lotion, Lavishmint lotion (which is also really great), but what has really worked for me is *drum roll please* coconut oil.

Now some people have said that coconut oil clogs your pores and to go with almond or castor oil instead, but I personally have greatly improved in my acne after using it.
 So I guess whatever your skin likes, go for it.
At night, I massage the oil into my skin, (believe me, it isn't as greasy as it sounds) then lay back, all ready for a good's night sleep.
 During the day, if I am going to spend quite a bit of time in the sun, I will sometimes replace it with some tinted moisturizer from Physician's Formula.

Then I follow with my usual makeup routine.
 Speaking of which, may I take this time to tell you just how unhealthy drugstore makeup is for your face? Just think about all those chemicals you putting into your skin and letting it sink into your body!
 Quite a few years ago, when I was about... fifteen? I decided I was done with itchy, rashes bumps all across my forehead and decided to give mineral makeup a try.
 For a couple years I used the mineral powder from, and ordered a few other products, which I loved.
 Although the mineral makeup did help bring my breakouts to an end, I wasn't too pleased with the foundation. It was a loose powder, and the routine needed to get good coverage caused it to be too cakey. I felt a little tight and painted up every time I used it.
 Then I decided to give Physician's Formula (the organic line) a try, and I liked that for a little while. It felt more natural, but still not quite what I was looking for.
 Then the local Walmart started selling a wide variety of natural makeup, and I am pretty excited, I have to say. As of now, I've been using Burt's Bees foundation and powder, but am always tempted to give the other brands a try. For now, I'm sticking this new stuff, because it works wonderfully.

Because I have sensitive eyes, I haven't been able to use any eye makeup except from Beeyoutiful.

 It works fine once you get the hang of it, but I do sometimes wish I could try some pressed powder instead of loose. (It can get everywhere) 
 Burt's Bees has a palette of eye makeup I have been eyeing for a while now, and I plan on purchasing it to give it a try at some point. 

 So I guess what I'm trying to say: 
For the best skin you could possibly have, follow these steps. 
 Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing, and natural makeup if you use any. 
Simple? It's very simple. 
 And putting this into your daily routine isn't as hard as some of you may think; I do it without even thinking about it now.

 Tell me, lovies. What would you like to see next? 
A post about DIY beauty products, my favorite hairstyle YouTubers, Diet Tips, or my personal beauty icons? 
 Let me know in the comments and have a wonderful day! 

Remember, you're the daughter of a King. You're a princess, you're beautiful and you're loved. 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall Staples

It's that time of year again!
 Filled with cold, crisp mornings, hot spiced teas, coffees and ciders, boots, and hats... I just love this season. <3
 And what comes with all those crisp days?
Cozy clothes and a fresh look on our wardrobe!

So what are the few items we can buy (or already find in our closet!) that can give our wardrobe the trendy look this year?

Sweaters! Sweaters everywhere! Sweaters of every shape and size. 
  A bulky sweater with jeans is all the rage this year. 
Does your mom have some of sweaters from her teen years hanging in her closet? Well, you're in luck! Grab that chunky knit sweater and pair it with some distressed jeans, and your ready to go. (Just be sure to ask mom beforehand)
If you have a fitted, more clean cut sweater, that works well, too, tucked into vintage jeans and worn with an oversized denim jacket. 90's is the vibe this year, and I have to say, I couldn't be happier. 

Which brings the next item: 

Jean jackets, my personal favorite. 
 Over sized, fitted, dark, light, distressed or like-new, denim jackets are a big staple for a fall (or spring/summer!) closet. 
 Over sweaters or t-shirts, with skinny jeans of every color, slacks, cargo pants... the options are endless with these vintage babies!

 There are so many ways to wear a plaid button-up <3
Alone, peeking from beneath a sweater or vest, tucked in, tied up... Does your dad or Grandpa have some old shirts they want to throw out? Grab them, because they are perfect paired with skinny jeans and boots or Keds.

 I'm pretty sure I don't even have to say this, but boots are a huge part of a girl's fall wardrobe.
Tall or short, they are adorable, practical, and cozy. 

 "Oh, Mama, I have got to get me one of these!" (I really do! I don't own a single one)
These comfy staples are really the in thing this year, and they are so easy to wear! Just toss one on with jeans and a cap (left photo is ADORBS) and you're ready to walk out the door. 

And last, but not least: 

 Do I have to say anymore? Skinny or bootcut, denim, gray, black, green... they are really the main staple of any season. 
The new fad coming out, called 'mom jeans' has really got me, although I haven't been able to afford any as of yet. They look just like they sound. 
 Your mom's old jeans from the 80's and 90's

And there you have it!
 Six items to grab that are easy to dress up and down, to wear when you 'have nothing to wear'. 
Now if you will excuse looks like I myself need to go shopping. 

Remember, you're the daughter of a King. You're a princess, you're beautiful and you're loved. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

How to Be a Lady

Just what is it that makes a lady?

There's more to being a lady than simply using the proper etiquette or manners; following the sort of blueprints that the world lays out for women.
 Once I decided to google the subject, and one thing the article said really made me shake my head in surprise. Did you know a lady isn't supposed to wear white heels?
  Black heels, yes. Nude heels, absolutely. White, never!
The reason? They didn't give one. But if you see a pretty young woman with modest attire, a friendly smile and polite attitude walking down the street, and you happen to look at her feet, and you happen to take note of the fact that she is wearing white pumps, don't be fooled! She isn't a lady.
Here is what makes a real lady:

 Now I think every single human being has a different idea of what modesty is, and no one will truly agree on what is considered proper dress. We could argue about the proper length of hemlines, or sleeves, but I think we all have the same general idea.
 A lady does not flaunt her body.
Her chest should be decently covered (again, we could argue the exact measurement), and the same goes for her... *ahem* rear end, as well as her legs. (within in reason)
 But there's more to modesty than how a woman dresses, which brings me to the second ingredient.

 A woman can be covered from head to toe, swathed in layers of material until only her face is showing, but still be immodest through her actions.
 Throwing herself at the boys, always doing her best to remain the center of the group, whether it's for the young men's attentions or anyone willing to cater to her vanity.
 Now remember, laughing and talking with the boys is not throwing yourself their way; it's pretty obvious when a girl is behaving in an inappropriate fashion.
 A lady also treats her fellow man with respect, speaking in a friendly tone, doing her best to show others around her that they matter, and behaving in a gentle, sweet manner.
 Constant complaining in a man OR woman also turns people off; no one wants to be with a Johnny Raincloud, or Droopy Susie.
 A positive attitude, (a REAL positive attitude) respectful actions and a genuinely sweet smile always shows a true lady and a true sister in Christ.

 I know I just said earlier that etiquette isn't what makes a lady, but hear me out.
A woman can use the proper pronouns and adjectives to lash out the most cruelest, dirtiest remarks.
 Maybe she says "May I?" and "Pardon Me" but she also speaks in a degrading way about her family, fellow workers and friends, and people no longer want to listen to what she has to say.
 A lady is also careful about her language.
There's the obvious swear words of our society that she avoids, but what about 'harsh' words?
 A fellow blogger friend once wrote an article on the subject and I highly recommend reading it.

 The issues of the heart shows a lady and a Christian.
She shines our Savior's light with her kindness and caring heart, giving herself everyday for the good of others.
 She loves with a true love.

I want to assure you all:
 This is a reminder, not an accusation.
Because I know we all fall into these traps often. It's all that makes us human.
 So I don't want you to read this and leave with a sad, depressed heart because you're thinking that you're 'not a lady'.

Remember, you're the daughter of a King. You're a princess, you're beautiful and you're loved. 

                                                                                                              Have a lovely day,